The Meadowlark

Lincoln coffee shop and bakery dedicated to bringing you excellent service, local goods, and the best coffee around.

Grounds for change

Some of the reasons Meadowlark serves Grounds for Change Coffees:

In other words, Grounds for Change coffee is seriously green.

In fact, this company is so green that it was one of the top ten nominees for this year’s Green America’s Green Business of the Year award.

All in all, Grounds for Change may be just the right brew for anyone who has a well-developed coffee conscience.


Rotating seasonal blend

Each season, the Meadowlark rotates

the seasonal blend


Peru Cafe Feminino

A very special coffee sold here at the Meadowlark: Grounds for Change will donate 10 cents for each pound of Cafe Femenino Peru sold directly back to this women's coffee growing project.